Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Month's Old

2 Month Stats:
Weight: 11 pounds 15 ounces (37%)
Height: 22 1/4 inches (10%)
Head Circumference: 15 3/4 inches (35%)

Tyboat is growing nicely :) Staying in his curve which is what they like to see.  On his list of accomplishments the past two months we have: holding head up, smile, laugh, bicep flex :), roll over from stomach to back (only a few times), coo and talk, and unbelievably LOUD farts!

Ty Pictures

Over the past 2 months I have had an overwhelming experience in developing a love for something deeper than I could have ever imagined.  Never in a million years could I have even began to truly understand the love of a parent until I became one.  The thing that really overwhelms me is that my Heavenly Father loves me even deeper than the love I have for Ty, and as much as I love Ty God loves him with an intensity that is far greater than I am humanly capable of.  This line from one of Chris Tomlin's song, "Oh, how He loves us all" has taken on such a greater meaning.  I am truly humbled, grateful, and blessed for the mercy of our Father.  Because of his gracious mercy and sacrifice of his only son, we can experience this love that He has for us!!!!!! here are some pictures of my new love

Ty right after he was born, all squishy and swollen

Going home from the hospital

3 days after Ty was born taken by the beautiful Mary

Sweet boy

Ty LOVES his bath time

One of my favorite faces (he hasn't been doing it to much anymore)

My first Mother's Day!!!!

Love his sweet smile

Ty loves his honey

1 month old picture

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Birth Story

Well it happened...2 months ago
Ty came into this world fast and fierce.  He was definitely not messing around when it came to his entrance! Let me preface this story by saying this: From everything I had read and what EVERYONE had told me I was planning for my first birth to take about 12-18 hours of labor perhaps even longer.  I had planned to stay at home for at least the first 6-7 hours to do all my pre labor work, and not head to the hospital till it was serious.  This is how most all of my friends first births were, and my pregnancy had been pretty routine...

Short version: I had Ty on March 10th, 2011 he weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 1/2 in long. I did an all natural delivery and couldn't have done it without my doula Jenni, husband Cody, and mom Lecia.  My labor was 5 1/2 hours and pushing was 11 minutes.

Now here is the long story from beginning to end (yes it is long and detailed):

So remember how I was complaining about getting check and it just gets your hopes up and yada yada? Well I still feel that way, but when I went in at 39 wks and 5 days I decided to go ahead and see if I had progressed any from my previous visit.  I started that Wednesday morning by going to Body Pump at the YMCA (Weight lifting class).  I was hoping the squats and lunges might send me into labor that morning, but no such luck.  That afternoon I went to my appt with my midwife.  She went ahead and checked me again.  I was 3 cm dilated 80% effaced and Ty's head was in between a 0 and +1 station! Things were looking very good :) Dawn went over what to do when I go into labor, and let me know that she would be on starting Thursday morning at 7:00 AM and from Friday at 12:00 through Sunday.  I was thinking that for sure she would get to deliver Ty.  She had told me that she thought I might have a fast delivery due to all the working out I did while pregnant and the shape my body was in.  She even told Barb the Midwife on call that night, that she might be seeing the Bobay's. When I got home I prepared the car for an emergency car birth (trash bags, pillows, and blankets).  My Doula, Jennifer Elder, had talked with her sister who is also a doula and a prior labor and delivery nurse, and she felt since I was so dilated and effaced without even being in labor that we should be prepared just in case.

Later that evening Cody and I went and spoke at Shartel Church of God for the last night in our series of "Soul Control".  When we got home we did the deed as we were told this helps induce labor ;) Then we went to bed.  I woke up at 12:00 AM with what I thought were contractions, but I wasn't sure.  They felt like an intense menstrual cramp, starting from my back and spreading to the front of my belly.  I decided to get up and go into the living room.  When I got in the living room, I started texting my mom.  I wanted her to be here for the birth.  We were trying to figure out if I was really having contractions.  She told me to start timing them.  So I did the best I could determining when they started and ended.  They were coming about 4 minutes apart and lasting about 50 seconds.  My mom called and we decided she should go ahead and wake my dad up and get on the road.  She kept saying, "I don't want to miss it!" I assured her that even if I did have a fast labor it would still be like 7-9 hrs right?

I went ahead and called Jenni and let her know how my contractions were.  She decided to take a shower and head on over.  I made the call to let Cody stay asleep.  These contractions weren't that bad and I could definitely handle them on my own.  In fact I thought man if this is pre labor I could do this for hours.  I walked around, but would have to stop and brace on a wall to relax through the contractions.  They started to intensify extremely quickly.  At about 2:00 AM Jenni got to the house, and I decided to sit on my birthing ball and lean on the kitchen table.  She got me some tea and looked at my contraction chart.  She told me that I should probably wake up Cody.  I went in and got him up.  When he came out he was totally unaware of what was going on, but quickly realized I was in the middle of labor when he looked at my chart.  At this point I am feeling like I am dilated to about a 6.  The contractions are about a minute long and coming more like 3 minutes apart.  Jenni decided that it would probably be good for me to go lay down in the Bradley position (birthing method) in bed, and work on really relaxing deep through the contractions.  We turned on some worship music (I made a worship birth CD) and I continued to labor.  At this point I can't talk or focus on anything but my breathing.  I was focusing on working with my contractions.  They were really starting to intensify, but I did not focus on the pain, but rather working through them.  If I thought about the pain I would lose my concentration and feel out of control so that was just not an option! My right leg would involuntarily shake, and it was so sweet cause the only person that could get it to relax the entire time during labor was Cody.  Jenni and Cody would switch between coaching me.  About 4 songs in after a contraction I looked at Jenni and said, "We need to go" just as she was saying to me, "I think it's time to go".  It's funny because every book I read said that you will know when it is time to go, and I definitely knew.  At that point my contractions were a minute and a half long and 2-3 minutes apart.  Although this may sound like it had been a long time, it had only been an hour.  At 3:00 AM we headed for the we were getting in the car I hit transition.  Trust me I KNEW it was transition.  Jenni hurried Cody along, told him not to worry about grabbing anything else that we needed to leave right now. 

The car was miserable, but I was so thankful I had prepared for a car birth.  I had blankets and pillows to get comfortable with (and by comfortable, I mean as comfortable as you can possibly be while in extreme and intense pain).  Now it was really difficult to focus.  I was laying in the back by myself.  Jenni was turned around from the front seat coaching me.  We had a 25 minute drive to the hospital.  The sign that let me know FOR SURE I was in transition, was that I all the sudden had the urge to throw up.  Thankfully I did not!

When we got to the hospital it was about 3:30 at this point.  Jenni helped walk me in through the emergency exit.  It took us quite awhile to walk to the elevators as I had to stop every 2 minutes to work through a contraction.  I would lean on Jenni and just try and relax and sag my whole body through the contraction.  We also had to make a bathroom stop on the way to the elevators.  This is how Cody found us! He could hear me moaning through my contractions.  Being vocal definitely helped me to relax.  I was not loud and screaming by any means, but just slightly moaning through the contractions helped me release that extra tension.  When we got up to triage, they actually asked, "So is she having contractions!" There were many choice words that I wanted to use at this point, but held my tongue as I knew it would not help in any way for me to stay relaxed.  Jenni let it be known that I was pretty far along, and that they should hurry up.  I walked back to a room and got on the table.  The nurse tried to ask me all these questions, and finally quit asking me and started asking Cody as I couldn't speak or really think! We suggested that she check me, but she wanted to do blood work and get the monitors on first.  When she finally checked me she said, "Oh my, you are dilated to about an 8! I think I will go ahead and call the midwife".  At this point it is about 4:30 AM.  They ask if I would like to be wheeled into the Delivery room or take a wheel chair.  At this point the pain is so severe and intense I can't really imagine moving, so I ask them to wheel me in the bed. 

When we got in the room we met our L&D nurse.  We gave them my birth plan and told them we wanted no IV's or medication of any kind.  I got up to go to the bathroom and tried to walk a little bit.  My nurse was eager to check me but I just told her I wanted to hold off.  I had asked for intermittent monitoring, but they kept them on cause they were having a hard time getting a good heart beat for Ty.  The monitors totally gave me back labor...I continued to politely ask if they could be removed, but they said not yet.  I continued to lay in the bed on my side and labor through these contractions.  At 2 different points I looked at Jenni and said, "I can't do this".  I had no intention of trying to get any medicine, and I remember thinking I should say this so that she will reassure me that I CAN do this.  The reassurance gave me another boost to hang in there and keep working. My contractions were about a minute and a half to a minute forty-five and about a minute apart. Cody would come and coach me and amazingly my leg would stop shaking (hehe I love that!).  Eventually they placed the monitors low enough to get a good heart beat, and then they were removed.  My mom arrived at 5:00 AM.  She walked in the room, and I thought I spoke to her, but later found out I just looked at her and then rolled over and continued to focus.  The funny thing is I distinctly remember EVERYTHING she said.  I could hear her saying, "I am so proud of her." "Look at the way she is so focused."  "I can't believe how calm she is."  All these things just encouraged me to hang in there.  At this point I felt a little urge to push so I let the nurse check me.  I was a 9.  Jenni started to count me through the hard part of the contractions.  This was a life gave me an end goal and gave me something to focus on.  I focused on getting to a specific number on each contraction. The nurse suggested I switch off slow deep breathing to a little bit shorter quicker breaths like blowing out a candle (not quite as intense or fast as Lamaze).   This technique REALLY helped! For the next 45 minutes my contractions were about 2 minutes + long and every 20 seconds.

Jenni heavily and firmly suggested that I get up and get on the birthing ball (This was key in what happened next).  As I walked to the birthing ball my body started pushing.  Barb, the midwife on call, was in the room at the time, and asked me to get back in the bed to check me.  She said I was a 10 and Ty was at +2-+3 station.  My water had not broke at this point.  At first I was on my back at a 45 degree angle with my mom, Cody, and Jenni pulling my legs back  almost making me upright.  This position was not good for me! I felt out of control, and up until this point I had been in control through the entire labor.  I asked if I could get in the squatting position.  Once I was there Barb said she felt like it wasn't the best angle for her to catch the baby, so Jenni suggested hands and knees turned to face the bed.  So I flipped myself around and grabbed the top of the bed.  This position was AWESOME! At this point, my water had not broke on it's own so they asked if I wanted them to break it.  I decided it was time.  When they broke the water there was meconium.  This meant that I would not get Ty right after I delivered b/c they would suction him and then hand him off to the pediatrician and her nurses to suction him more and make sure he didn't aspirate any of the meconium.  After they popped the water...things got out of control.  My body all the sudden started violently pushing.  Every muscle in my body started flexing, and bearing down.  My mom and Jenni told me after that my entire back started flexing and my veins were popping out.  At this point I couldn't help but moan EXTREMELY loudly on the verge of yelling.  It was crazy! The contractions were one on top of the other.  Through the pushing I only remember one brief pause of about 15-20 seconds where I said, "I can't do this" then my body started pushing again and never stopped.  I couldn't feel any tearing down, but I could feel myself tearing up...that was a bummer.  After 11 minutes of this Ty was out at 6:06 AM!!! I had to look over my shoulder to see him! He was so beautiful.  The pediatrician and her team had been in the room ever since they broke my water so they took Ty right away while Barb sewed me up.  I had a grade 2 tear down and a grade 1 up.  I then got to hold Ty after that :)

So that is my story.  My total labor from beginning to end was 5 1/2 hours. Short, but not necessarily easy.  I did things a little backwards. Instead of pre labor being my longest part of labor, transition was. I had read and been told by most that from a 7-10 generally takes 30 minutes-1 hour and 1/2.  That was my longest part of labor taking 3 hours.  Not at all what I had expected or had been told to expect! I guess that's the crazy thing about labor it's pretty unpredictable.  To be honest the pushing was pretty violent.  Jenni came up later that evening to talk though some things with me and give me a little counseling.  The best way to describe my pushing experience was that my body suddenly assaulted me, took control picked me up and threw me on the ground.  I know you are probably thinking this is extreme, and I thought maybe I was just being a big baby, but the nurse and Jenni both assured me that it had been very far from normal.  The nurse told Cody afterwards that she hadn't ever seen contractions that intense or severe.  Jenni assured me that out of all the deliveries she had seen she had never seen pushing that was quite that violent.  Even if it wasn't that badand I am being dramatic, this made me feel better :)

So the question I have been asked by many.  Will you do natural delivery answer is YES! I loved being able to be in control and walk around, sit on the toilet, flip into different positions for pushing.  I can honestly say without my friend Jenni I wouldn't have made it.  Her coaching and snapping me into focus was crucial though the entire delivery.  Anytime she could see me slipping out of control she would get firm and fierce, just what I needed!!!! I will never be able to thank her enough.  Cody was an INCREDABLE coach, and was able to clam me in a way no one else could.  I know that next time he will be able to guide me through the entire labor.  My moms encouraging words resounded in my head and pushed me to the end!

Mary took this Wednesday the day before I had Ty

This was during pre labor, right before Jenni got there. I was probably dilated to a 4-5

This was after the birth the first time I got to hold Ty

Jenni and I right after the birth! Thank you SO much Jenni for your AMAZING coaching!

The whole family a few hours after birth! Cody was amazing and SO helpful coaching me through it all!

At my post appointment with Dawn I asked how long my next labor should be.  She said generally labor #2 is half the time of the first! Looks like I will need to get to the hospital a little sooner with baby #2 :) (and no I am NOT pregnant)

Friday, March 4, 2011


So things are moving along well with Mr. Ty Bo.  He is one active little guy, and has a secret obsession with my right rib.  Even my midwife noticed and commented on the fact how he is always jammed up under there.  All in all this pregnancy has been easy and routine.  Don't get me wrong, I've had my moments of complete insanity.  There are mornings I wake up and I am the most irritable person ever.  However, when I wake up feeling this way I just avoid people :) Cody has learned that it has nothing to do with him, there is no need for us to try and "talk it out", and I am aware of how irrational I am.  He'll ask, "Is there anything I've done? Are you ok?" and I'll respond with, "It's not you at's just that everything you do and say is absolutely annoying and irritating the piss out of me. Hence, it's me, b/c EVERYTHING you do and say can't be that annoying!" :) Then I'll go to the gym and workout...that helps.  On those days I avoid phone calls or run in's with friends, b/c I know it is just me being crazy, and I am just extremely irritable.  Good news is it generally wears off by the time I work out, and doesn't reappear until 9:00 pm.  I have only had about 3 days like this, but boy am I glad when they are over!

So on to the title of this blog.  I avoided being checked at my appointments for so long, b/c I didn't want to get my hopes up over nothing or be devastated if nothing was happening.  My body will go into labor when it is supposed to go into labor regardless of my "Check"...and yet I caved at 3 days before 39 wks I had my first check.  The good news is I was 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced, and Ty is at a station 0.  Bad news is, I got excited.  I keep saying things like, "Well it's just good to know that my body is working, and he'll come when he comes."  or "It could be weeks, just because I have progress doesn't mean I am going to go into labor anytime soon."  Now every contraction I have I think, is this it? Am I going into labor? I am having to work at staying chill and not get overly anxious, cause when did that every help anyone go into labor?

I guess I probably would have had to have been checked eventually anyway, but next time I think I'll wait till 40 wks.  My midwife said with first babies she doesn't like to check till 39 or 40, I am glad I took her advice and at least waited till I was almost 39. 

As far as being miserably uncomfortable...I'm not.  I am very blessed and thankful that I am carrying my baby so far into my back.  This makes it much less cumbersome and awkward. It's not like I chose this it's just a sweet blessing from the Lord.  I don't stick out that far so things that I hear pregnant women complain about just don't bother me.  In the past week I have been getting super nauseous if I eat to much.  So my portion sizes have decreased slightly. The only physical activity that it is practically impossible for me to do anymore is lunges :) You should have seen me in body pump last week.  I can't lunge to save my life.  I think it is because the hips are squared forward where as with squats I can open the hips to drop my butt back.  Oh bending over to put on shoes is a little difficult too :)

Can't wait to meet our little man...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lesson Learned

These past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind of events.  It all started with my first baby shower in Dallas. My original plan was to drive down the Thursday before and spend the morning/afternoon with my precious nephews, sister-in-law, and brother.  However, the Tuesday before I was supposed to leave we found out that there was going to be some ice and sleet that Thursday morning, so we figured it would be better for me to leave on Wednesday night.  I had my maternity pictures Wednesday night, so right after they were finished I loaded up the car and headed to my brothers house.  I had a wonderful evening catching up with my sister-in-law and watching delightfully entertaining yet disturbing shows such as "Addicted" and "Toddlers and Tiara's".  The next morning I hung out with the 2 coolest little boys around, and when they headed out for school and my sister to mommies group, I had the opportunity to hang out with my brother ALL afternoon! This may not sound like a big deal, but to be honest I can't remember the last time I had the chance to be with just Grant for an entire afternoon.  I had so much fun, just catching up and sharing about life.  We ended up having to make 3 trips through IKEA which was quite comical especially when Grant found a short cut that he was convinced we could squeeze through till he looked down at my belly...So he ended up pushing the wall (it was on rollers) open just a tad more so Ty could fit through too!!! It brought back so many memories of my freshman year, when Grant was a senior and we would go for jeep rides up to 7-11 to get slurpees!

After my time at Grant and Sarah's I headed on to my Grandma's.  My Aunt Denise was already there shopping for market, and my precious cousin Alissa was coming up the next day to attend my baby shower.  I stayed up late every night chatting with my cousin Alissa.  She is someone who is near and dear to my heart in every way.  This was such a refreshing time!

When we got to the shower Saturday morning, I was so blessed by 6 wonderful girls (my 3 sisters and my friends Parris, Suzanne, and Hillary) who had gone above and beyond to make this shower truly special.  Everything was so beautifully decorated and the food was delicious! I had a great time catching up with family and friends.  I was blessed with so many wonderful gifts for Ty! Everything was perfect and ideal shower!

However, once I got back to my grandma's I learned a very valuable lesson that I will carry with me from now till the day I am put in a grave...

I was mortified...every picture my legs are completely spread. No one should have to look at that for an entire session of present opening. Now I wish I could blame it on the bump.  If I could I would lie and say, "My belly made me do it, its impossible to cross my legs!" But then you would scroll through the remaining pictures to find...

I am 100% capable!

Hopefully my story will save many from this humiliation :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Season

Well, much has happened since September of 2009 and I have no intention of posting on all the events! However there is one BIG event that has brought me back to my blog.  Cody and I conceived Ty James Bobay in June of 2010.  He will be making his debut on or around March 11, 2011.  With this little addition on the way I wanted to make sure and document all his milestones, not only with pictures but also in writing.  My sister in law Sarah has done such a great job keeping up with her blog and updates on her 3 boys (my brother included).  She shared with me that you can even have your blog printed into some kind of book so you can keep these memories forever.  So thank you Sarah for motivating me back to my blog and also for helping me learn how to have mommy "chats" on the phone...I feel I am getting much better at this and will even greater value it when Ty arrives :)

I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant, however, my mom and husband might not think so! I always seem to have my break downs with them :) The truth is even though it has whacked out my hormones and I have obviously gained weight (I know this is a DUH with pregnancy, but I aint gonna is hard!), I am truly thankful and grateful that God has allowed me the gift and blessing of carrying a life inside me. 

The next couple of weeks hold so many exciting things.  This coming week I am going to be taking my maternity pictures, which will be followed by a baby shower in Dallas that Saturday.  The following week my mom is going to be staying with me in Oklahoma City, while Cody is in Hawaii for his brother, Casey's wedding.  I have 2 feelings on this; I am sad that I can not be at the wedding but I am grateful that my mom has the ability to come and be with me during week 35 of my pregnancy.  Hopefully we will finish up the nursery and get most of that in order before my first Oklahoma City Shower on January 29th.  The following weekend will be a mini girls retreat with the ladies in our Christ Family Church Family group followed by my second Oklahoma City shower on February 12th.  Then to top it all off Teleflora (Cody's company) will be hosting a come and go shower for us on February 17th.  

I will have much to post about...until then the only news I have is Ty is head down and his feet seem to be permanently lodge in my ribs :)

Glad to be back...

Monday, September 28, 2009

$60 Fair Day...A Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

I have been traveling a lot for work recently. When I go on a weekend recruiting trip I get a comp day during the week. When I got home from my trip to Tennessee Cody and I decided to spend a day together at the fair.  We went on a Tuesday in the morning right after it had rained so there was no one there.  It was GREAT! The day started by us walking up to the entrance where we were pleasantly surprised to read that this was "The Greatest Carnival in the World"...Who knew???? So we tried to take some pictures of the sign

Cody was taking a picture of just the sign but I literally jumped in the picture :)

We had a really good time walking around and just enjoying each other but there was one common theme...


But the good news is they were selling these INCREDABLE work out machines.  The sales lady told us that 15 minutes on one of these bad boys was equivalent to an hour on the treadmill!!!! Not to mention that the NFL, NBA, and Collegiate teams have been using these for YEARS and they have just been released to the public.  The wonderful thing is you just stand on them and the vibrations they release cause your muscles to contract, and we all know that contracting muscles = fat and weight loss right?!?! Here it is and it can be all yours for $2,500

I wanted to tell the lady that the only thing that worked on that dumb machine was the bands, and you would have to be crazy to spend $2,500 for a bicep curl machine! What's crazy is people were actually buying them!!!! Which brings me to our next discovery

I almost peed my pants upon reading this sign!

The rest of the time was really fun.  We ate some interesting stuff.  Cody had a MASSIVE burrito, and I had a chicken breast and some sweet potato fries.  We finished it off with a fried oreo.  We both agreed that we liked the oreo, but not the fried stuff around it (kinda defeats the point!)

It was so great to spend so much time together.  I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing best friend for my husband.  He is so much fun, and I am so thankful that I get to spend every day with him!